Whether you like it neat or like watching the drink being dropped like a bomb we are able to adjust to your liking on this iconic drink, Jagers are normally made with Monster or Redbull.

Our Wine

Our wine is one of our highlights at our bar, we have a huge range of wines to choose from and we always have more if you feel like having one glass isnt enough.




Whiskey on Rocks

Southbourne is a suburb of Bournemouth and is popular with the locals being a quieter than the other Bournemouth beaches. It is a sandy beach slightly stony . Southbourne  Grove ,along shopping street that has unique and individual shops.

Hot chocolate

Our Hot chocolates are made with the finest ingrediants to ensure your drink is full of chocolatey flavours, we make sure that every drink is made with care.oy.

Indulging Coffees

If you dont fancy have an alcaholic drink we have you covered there as well, feel free to ask one of us for a coffee of your choice; we have many to choose from and we can also recommend our favourites to you as well. our coffee is served with the finest bean granules and Milk in our beautifully displayed cups.

Soft drinks

Not only do we have alcaholic drinks and coffee but we also have some refreshing soft drinks, these drinks come with ice and a slice and are given in a long glass.

Bar Snacks

We have a lovely selection of snacks for you; our range of crisps include multiple flavours for you and your family to indulge on.
please feel free to ask a member of staff for our selection and what snacks we have available.


Our Macchiato is blended with our finest Coffee Beans and fluffy milk and a generous dollop of foam to top it off; and then we have a lovely shot of espresso to compliment it.

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